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How to move furniture over balcony


Some house don’t allow furniture to go upstairs on the first floor.
Through furniture Doesn’t it use furniture? It can’t be!
In this case, customer had a lift at home.
the reduced the size of the stairs a little bit because of the lift extension.
In this case, need to get off the balcony need to be becafull for there is glass on the balcony And you have to know the weight so you can support it from ground
Also, who someone requisite use the strap well
Someone who knows should move Magill removalist has always been working on safety


How do you move a large glass table top?

You have to be careful about moving these tables.
Give everyone a heads-up before moving.
First, we need to remind safety first.
We do our best to move safely, but things can happen any time.
Use blanket to pack properly and secure with a rigid strap.
But if you tie it too tightly here, you can a damage to the glass, so be careful.
The first thing that matters is the safety of everyone.


How to move the piano to upstairs ?


How to move the big glass table ?

Do you need to move the piano to upstairs ?
It’s very hard.
It’s also a situation where you can wear a Damage on the bottom.
It’s hard for a transporter.
Our Megill Removalists
shows exactly how to move it.
We calculate in advance and move the piano and people safely.

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Pianola move !


I have a phone call from you last night.
need to dispose of the pianola. from customer
pianola is so heavy that we need three people
We urgently requested
But customer a changed mind and wanted to put it back into storage.
just after morning but
We moved quickly and safely
customer told us
Thank you so much, quick make a move plan
it was short notice but
We are happy if the solve the work! like this

Adelaide pianola Removalist !

Business relocation


The most important thing when moving a restaurant
The parking point. Usually the restaurant is in the main city.
If you don’t reserve a parking spot in advance, it can take more time.
Also, the problem with business relocation is that you have to pull things out of all the attachment types.
So you must have a special tool for it and know how to do it
Heavy restaurant Fridge need to be moved carefully, especially big tables
You can break it, so you have to move it more safely.
One tip when moving business is that many restaurants
Often sold in auction There are usually auctions in the northwest do you need a 

do you need a  business relocation removalists ?!
Contact Megil Removalists now!

How to Moving Spa ?



A customer called me.
I bought a spa and tried to move it to the back of the house to use a crane, but I failed, so He went to Hindmash Island.
Eight people Spa, 330 kilograms
It’s very heavy, Nomal Piano 120kg ,
and it’s like a spa, and it’s a rectangle like this.

When you move a Spa, you must know that need a many blanket and two people cannot move

It’s more difficult to move, but our Megil removalist
Using professional equipment。
So neatly, without damage, we’re done moving spa
I’m sure you’ll refer these expensive items to an expert who’s ever moved them.
If you need the spa removal adelide, the spa delivery service.
Call me if you need a move !

How to Moving fridge ?


Can’t the fridge get through the door?
Don’t worry. Megil removalists has an accurate tool.
We can remove the door in two minutes quickly.
custuomer asked me to take the fridge door off.
But that’s what it’s like.
It takes a lot of time, and it takes a more than 15 mins of time, and There is a risk of trouble in the door assembly
So we’ve got Professional Tool, so
We quickly removed the door.and pulled out of the house.
This customer moved in five months ago, but he moved in with his relatives.

when you need moving double-door fridge Large fridge
but there has a small door or second floor.

just call the fridge removalists !