How to Move a Pianola ( 360 kg piano )


A customer contacted us.
she need to move pianola, but we need to lift it up because the entrance is blocked.
she called another company, but they’re couldn’t done
she was asked for it urgently.
so We thought a total of three people would go and lift it,
In fact, the balcony could be used, no one thought.
Because customer were worried that the deck would fall,
but it weighed 350 kg in pianola.

Have you ever been on this deck with many people ?
About eight people are said to have come.
By that calculation, adult males are included, so the weight of which is over 600 kg is easy.
We explained it to the customer and moved it much easily using the Deck.
(Of course, it wasn’t easy, 8People spa is 320 kilograms.
Standard Upright piano 120Kg )
Sometimes if you know exactly how much weight
It helps if you have to move the piano, the pianola, furniture
if you need Adelaide furniture Removalist
Make it easy to move based on our experience!

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