How to move the Huge cabinet ?


huge cabinets


How to move the Huge cabinet

This is moving services company
For house moving

This is a huge cabinet you can see photos
length 2.3 m higher 2.2 m
I know it was very heavy!
Let’s talking about how to move !!
Most of the huge large size cabinets
Can separate top and bottom
But still heavyweights
And you need to take off the very top side to
Otherwise, you gonna break it the top hat
And tie the all of the doors when you moving the topside it will be open the door might be hit the house that means gonna be damage to the house and if you can take off the drawer as well it will be helpful for weights and when you ready for moving
First moving the top side after moving the bottom side sometimes you need 3people depends on House place and if won’t fit the entryway you need make stands and sometimes need to angle side if you’re house this case you need professional Removalists so when you moving before
measure the all of place possible to pass all way thank you for reading my blog
When you need any questions you can ask me all ways about moving!

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