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How to move to the restaurant?


How to move to the restaurant?

This is a moving service company
for house moving

Hello this time we gonna move the restaurant has 30 chairs and 9 tables with Huge reception table and some commercial stuff when you move the lot of chairs you need to think before loading otherwise it’s gonna take a lot of space That huge size reception table

it was made angled and seam time stand it needs bit skill actually before when they’re come required dissembled
and when you move the commercial gas cooktop you need to take off the top side first it very heavy also you need check when you over the cooktop
something drop or moving inside the cooktop before moving also you have to tit properly at inside the truck when you missing the one cooktop
it will be hit another gas cooktop I think already you know that but it very important thing you have to disconnect the gas
sadly I saw that news from Melbourne has a big explosion when the twenties try to move the house  with gas cylinder
costumer moving from Magill to the garage after 1month again moving the garage to action it was successful
Moving service company
Removalists Adelaide

may his soul rest in peace


Simple mistake cause of deadly truck explosion

Extraordinary video has been released showing a truck explosion on a Footscray street which killed a young man as he moved house. The blast was caused by a simple mistake with a BBQ gas bottle, but authorities' efforts to fix the problem will take more than a

Posted by 7NEWS Melbourne on Sunday, 2 December 2018

How to move the Huge cabinet ?


huge cabinets


How to move the Huge cabinet

This is moving services company
For house moving

This is a huge cabinet you can see photos
length 2.3 m higher 2.2 m
I know it was very heavy!
Let’s talking about how to move !!
Most of the huge large size cabinets
Can separate top and bottom
But still heavyweights
And you need to take off the very top side to
Otherwise, you gonna break it the top hat
And tie the all of the doors when you moving the topside it will be open the door might be hit the house that means gonna be damage to the house and if you can take off the drawer as well it will be helpful for weights and when you ready for moving
First moving the top side after moving the bottom side sometimes you need 3people depends on House place and if won’t fit the entryway you need make stands and sometimes need to angle side if you’re house this case you need professional Removalists so when you moving before
measure the all of place possible to pass all way thank you for reading my blog
When you need any questions you can ask me all ways about moving!

Moving service company
Magill Removalists –

How to move furniture over balcony


Some house don’t allow furniture to go upstairs on the first floor.
Through furniture Doesn’t it use furniture? It can’t be!
In this case, customer had a lift at home.
the reduced the size of the stairs a little bit because of the lift extension.
In this case, need to get off the balcony need to be becafull for there is glass on the balcony And you have to know the weight so you can support it from ground
Also, who someone requisite use the strap well
Someone who knows should move Magill removalist has always been working on safety


How do you move a large glass table top?

You have to be careful about moving these tables.
Give everyone a heads-up before moving.
First, we need to remind safety first.
We do our best to move safely, but things can happen any time.
Use blanket to pack properly and secure with a rigid strap.
But if you tie it too tightly here, you can a damage to the glass, so be careful.
The first thing that matters is the safety of everyone.


Pianola move !


I have a phone call from you last night.
need to dispose of the pianola. from customer
pianola is so heavy that we need three people
We urgently requested
But customer a changed mind and wanted to put it back into storage.
just after morning but
We moved quickly and safely
customer told us
Thank you so much, quick make a move plan
it was short notice but
We are happy if the solve the work! like this

Adelaide pianola Removalist !

Business relocation


The most important thing when moving a restaurant
The parking point. Usually the restaurant is in the main city.
If you don’t reserve a parking spot in advance, it can take more time.
Also, the problem with business relocation is that you have to pull things out of all the attachment types.
So you must have a special tool for it and know how to do it
Heavy restaurant Fridge need to be moved carefully, especially big tables
You can break it, so you have to move it more safely.
One tip when moving business is that many restaurants
Often sold in auction There are usually auctions in the northwest do you need a 

do you need a  business relocation removalists ?!
Contact Megil Removalists now!

How To Move Huge wardrobe


How To Move Huge wardrobe

This customer moved from college park to tororak guardens.
It was a really huge wardrobe .
If the house you’re moving into is small, the woardrobe may not go in.
I gave her a noctis in advance. The general wardrobe uses a trolley on the floor. orYou can move it using Dolly. But this is the type, and the wardrobe is…
You can’t use both. ‘You have to lift it .’
When you move a wardrobe like this, you need to balance.
Otherwise, the door will open and damage the walls.
Or if you miss the balance at the top, the whole thing will fall to one side. We’ve moved him safely to the house.
If you need a wardrobe removalists Adelaide,
Please contact me!